The History of the South Carolina State Fair

Oct 12, 2017

An advertisement for the fair appears in the Keowee Courier (Pickens Court House, S.C.), October 18, 1905.
Credit South Carolina Digital Newspaper Room/

(Originally broadcast 05/05/17) - With October come two certainties: Trick-or-Treaters will be abroad on the 31st, and the South Carolina State Fair will attract thousands to Columbia.  In this edition of Walter Edgar's Journal, from May 5, 2016, Dr. Rodger Stroup, retired Director of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, takes listeners on a deep dive into the history of the South Carolina State Fair, sharing his research for an upcoming book on the subject. Stroup talks with Walter Edgar about the history of South Carolina’s fair—which goes back farther than you think—in context with other states' fairs.

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