The Humble Peanut Is a World Traveler

Nov 14, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

George Washington Carver developed several soups using boiled peanuts and they are delicious but somewhat bland, and you need boiled peanuts.  I’ve found an exotic soup that is vegetarian, as we all have some family members or friends we need to prepare such a dish for. This one uses butternut squash which is the dickens to cut up but I’ve found it already peeled and cubed in some stores.  You cook it with coconut milk, veggie broth, peanut butter and exotic spices, then blend when cool.

It is absolutely delicious, and the addition of peanut butter gives it protein, so it sticks to your ribs. Isn’t it amazing that from their origin in Peru peanuts were distributed around the world by European traders and then came back to Americas as food for enslaved people brought here from Africa.