Ladies – And Now Gentlemen – Take Their Seats at Converse College

Aug 14, 2020

Students check in Wednesday at Converse College.
Credit Holly Duncan / Converse College

The coronavirus sent everyone at Converse College in Spartanburg packing early in the spring. Graduating seniors barely had time to say their good-byes before the campus shut down and restructured.

As the college reopens to residents this week, it brings a few changes, and not just in the COVID-19 protocols. For the first time, male freshmen are moving in as well. Converse, one of the last all-female colleges in South Carolina, decided that the fall of 2021 would be when it would go coed. But, as it has for a lot of things, the coronavirus pandemic has moved a few things around.

Hear from students and staff on move-in day -- something everyone at the school says they've been waiting for, as life returns (masked and distanced accordingly) to this small Upstate college.