The Last At-Bat of Shoeless Joe

Mar 30, 2020

In his new novel, The Last At-Bat of Shoeless Joe (2019, Chickadee Prince), Granville Wyche Burgess  imagines Shoeless Joe Jackson, the outfielder disgraced in the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal, living in Greenville, South Carolina, and finding that sports history has one more twist in store for him.

New York Post baseball columnist Ken Davidoff writes, “The Last At-Bat of Shoeless Joe brilliantly bakes wish fulfillment into a period piece. A gripping story that is both illuminating and emotional, it’ll hook you early and won’t let go. Great for baseball fans, and even true-crime enthusiasts, of all ages.”

Granville Wyche Burgess joins Walter Edgar to talk about the novel and his career, including the creation of his 1987 musical, Conrack, based on Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide.

- Originally broadcast 09/20/19 - 

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