"M" is for Manigault, Gabriel [1704-1781]

May 1, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"M" is for Manigault, Gabriel [1704-1781]. Merchant, legislator. Born in Charleston, Manigault rose from relatively modest origins to become the leading merchant and private banker in colonial South Carolina. He operated retail shops and also owed several trading vessels. He never had business partners and preferred to conduct business by himself. Manigault also had extensive real estate holdings in the Charleston area. He held a number of public positions including that of public treasurer. Twice, he declined appointment to the Royal Council. Although a conservative his sympathies were with those who opposed Britain's colonial policies. During the first three years of the Revolution he lent the new state government more money than any other individual. After the fall of Charleston, Gabriel Manigault retired to his plantation in Goose Creek where he died in June 1781.