"M" is for Montgomery, John Henry (1833-1902)

Aug 21, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"M" is for Montgomery, John Henry (1833-1902). Manufacturer, merchant. In the late 1850s Montgomery farmed and entered into general merchandising business. After service in the Civil War, he continued his farming and mercantile activities. In 1874 he moved to Spartanburg joined a firm that was largest cotton buyer in the county. He and his partners organized the Pacolet Manufacturing Company that began operations in 1884. Montgomery was president and treasurer of the company. Under his leadership, the company expanded to three mills. Part of his success was due in part to his skill at attracting northern capital for his second major mill project, Spartan Mills. By 1900 the upcountry mills under John Henry Montgomery’s presidency were consuming cotton at such a high rate that they had to look further south for enough supply of raw cotton.