"N" is for Nairne, Thomas (d. 1715)

Jan 14, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"N" is for Nairne, Thomas (d. 1715). Indian agent. Nairne, a Scot, was in South Carolina by 1695. By the early 1700s Nairne led Indian raids against Spanish Florida. The Commons House, in 1707, established the Board of Indian Commissioners to regulate The Indian trade. The act created the office of Indian agent and Nairne was the colony’s first official one. He traveled across the Southeast dealing with tribes as far west as the Mississippi River. He lost his post in1708 because he arrested the governor’s son-in-law for illegal trading. In December 1712 he was again appointed Indian agent just as tensions were rising with the Yamassees on the colony’s southern frontier. During the Yamassee War, Thomas Nairne was captured and tortured to death.