Nesting Boxes for Prothontary Warblers

Dec 25, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

Jay Keck, who works for the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, called recently to thank me for re-upping my membership. As we chatted, he told me his group has partnered with Andrew Jackson High School whose students build bird boxes not only for screech owls but for Prothonotary warblers, as well.

A migrating species, the yellow Prothonotaries sometimes travel two thousand miles a year; overwintering as far south as Mexico; before returning in spring to mate and raise young. They have specific requirements for nesting sites; preferring holes in dead trees in fairly extensive swampy areas. Many of these sites have been logged or drained resulting in habitat loss. Fortunately, they will use properly placed nesting boxes as alternative places to raise their young. Call South Carolina Wildlife to see if your property might qualify.