Not Sure How to Vote in November? Gubernatorial Debates Shed Light on Candidate’s Policies

Oct 17, 2018

Gubernatorial candidates meet for first debate.
Credit SCETV

Incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster said he is in favor of low taxes, believes the Superintendent of Education should be appointed by the governor, has created a commission to study flooding, and warns against messing with 2nd amendment rights. His Gubernatorial challenger Rep. James Smith is a supporter of pro-growth tax initiatives, wants the people of South Carolina to pick the person who heads the state’s education department, criticizes the governor for not investing in infrastructure and believes more can be done to curb gun violence.

Wednesday, the two candidates met for the first of two debates ahead of the November 6th midterm election. The debate was held at Frances Marion University in Florence, where people are still grieving from the death of Florence City police officer Terrence Carraway. He and six other officers were shot while trying to conduct and investigation interview and possible serve a search warrant.  The candidates both praised law enforcement for the work they do, but differed on what they believe will help reduce gun violence.

McMaster and Smith will debate again on October 25 at Greenville Technical College. That debate will be aired on South Carolina Public Radio and streamed here on

This election is historic

This election is the state’s first-ever race in which the governor and lieutenant governor will run on a joint ticket.  Those running mates, Republican Pamela Evette and Democrat Mandy Powers Norrell, will meet for the their only debate on October 29.

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