"O" is for Ocean Forest Hotel

Jan 15, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"O" is for Ocean Forest Hotel. Myrtle Beach’s magnificent Ocean Forest Hotel opened formally in February 1930. The hotel stood twenty-nine feet above sea level, with a ten-story wedding-cake tower flanked by two five-story wings. With its gardens, pools, and stables the property encompassed thirteen acres, the Ocean Forest was renowned as one of the world’s more exclusive hotels. Tuxedos and evening gowns were required for evening meals in the dining room. By the 1950s, though, times and lifestyles had changed. During the 1960s the hotel’s owners declined to make much-needed improvements to the aging property. In June 1974 the hotel closed its doors. In September of that year the Ocean Forest Hotel—a building that had taken a year and a half to build was reduced to a pile of rubble in six seconds.