Officials: Last Chance to Evacuate

Oct 7, 2016

Credit Cathy Bradberry

Officials say now is your last chance to evacuate. Once the rain and wind gets bad they warn it won’t be safe to drive. North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey says authorities went to low lying areas that are prone to flooding and knocked on doors to encourage people to leave.

“We are going back today to again. We will have our city buses there to transport if they need it. You flood under a major rain we don’t know exactly how high your waters are going to get. But you need to be safe. We will get you back to your homes as quickly as possible.”

Municipalities within Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley County’s have increased law enforcement presence. But officials say they will be pulled in once wind speeds become unsafe. Charleston County reports more than 800 people are in shelters. For South Carolina Public Radio, I’m Alexandra Olgin reporting from Charleston.