One Bossy Chicken

Dec 6, 2019

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. I talked earlier about our much missed neighbors who had live-wire boys, the world’s best dog, and short-lived chickens with one exception, Fontella Bass who had been rescued from the jaws of death on numerous occasions, she’s named for the woman who recorded the song Rescue Me.   When her former owners moved, they decided to leave her in her by-then completely free-range state. She does, however, need a safe night-time roost so I had to chase her around and put her in a dog crate on the back porch. Now she goes into it by herself.  Then I bring her into the dining room as occasionally racoons come on that porch at night  and I’m afraid they might stick their hands through the bars and harm her.  In the morning, she fusses loudly until I put her outside. She’s one bossy chicken.