"P" is for Primitive Baptists

May 6, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"P" is for Primitive Baptists. Primitive Baptists comprised one early nineteenth-century form of the “antimission” movement protesting the development of Baptist organizations in the South. Emanating from the Kehukee Association in North Carolina, this particular brand of protest in South Carolina was found most commonly in the upcountry. The Primitive or Old School Baptist churches, and the later loosely organized denomination by the same name, were strongly Calvinistic, especially emphasizing predestination. However, they would argue that their doctrine was derived from the Bible and the “primitive” church, not Calvin. Distinctive practices often included unaccompanied singing in a style said to resemble that of New England Puritans, foot washing, and segregated seating for men and women. In the twenty-first century most of the few remaining congregations in South Carolina are in the foothills.