"P" is for Provincials

May 21, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"P" is for Provincials. During the Revolution, in addition to regular British soldiers and German mercenaries, British officials organized loyal Americans into conventional fighting units commonly referred to as provincials. A provincial soldier was a volunteer subject to the same control, benefits, and hardships of a British soldier. Among the provincial units fighting in South Carolina were the South Carolina Royalists (consisting primarily of loyalists from Ninety Six District), the King’s American Legion, the British Legion, and the South Carolina Rangers (raised in the Pee Dee region). Beset by decentralized leadership, unreliable support, and the determination of the patriots, provincials were not utilized to their full potential in the conflict. With the end of hostilities, the officers and men of the various provincial units chose to relocate to Canada, Britain, or the West Indies.