Page Turners - Part 2

Aug 27, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

Turning pages for pianists is a pretty thankless job—the page turner is usually only noticed when he or she messes up. But for pianists who depend on page turners—and at some point most pianists do, at least those who haven’t switched over to electronic tablets—good, dependable, unobtrusive page turners are worth their weight in gold. They free the pianists from worry and make their lives much easier. Then again… virtually every pianist has a collection of page turner stories that are either funny or horrible or both. Examples? Well, I’m not a pianist, but I was onstage once with a page turner who had eaten a pre-concert dinner very heavy with onion and garlic, and it was all our pianist could do to keep from passing out from the man’s breath. We also once had a page turner, who while leaning over and trying to turn a page during the concert, said to our pianist, “I had an operation on my shoulder. It wasn’t successful.”

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