Performers Vs. Creators

Sep 3, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

There’s no question that good performers are necessary in order to bring musical compositions to life. I play the viola, and I’m always aware that when I’m playing a concert, the quality of my performance is of great importance in bringing the music to life for the people who are in that particular audience. So yes, in the limited sphere of my performances and my audiences, my role is critical, and if I play Mozart well, or Brahms, or Beethoven, I’m playing at least a small part in sustaining a vital and beautiful tradition.

But what I certainly try to keep in mind, and what I think all performers should remember, if only to prevent over-inflated egos, is that hundreds of people have played or sung or conducted Mozart and Brahms before us, and hundreds will do so after us. The composer is the creator, and long after even the most brilliant and famous performers of the moment are forgotten, it’s the music that will remain.

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