Remontant Hydrangeas

Jun 29, 2019

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. Summers in South Carolina can seem endless as autumn seems to come later and later each year. The phrase Endless Summer has a happier connotation, however, when it comes to a series of reblooming hydrangeas. The fancy word for reblooming is remontant, meaning a plant blooming or producing a crop more than once a season. The Endless Summer series are the first ever reblooming cultivars producing flowers on both old and new wood. If we have a late freeze that kills the buds set the previous year, these wonderful new hydrangeas will flower on new growth, as well, and continue to give you blooms through the summer. Clemson Agent Barbara Smith has an article about this series at the Home & Garden Information Center website.  Newer introductions include a Twist-n-Shout, a lacecap, and Summer Crush, which tops out at about three feet.