"S" is for Soils

Jun 25, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"S" is for Soils. Soils are the products of natural processes occurring on or near the earth’s surface. Water accumulation and movement, oxygen levels, plant and animal life, underlying rock types, and varying temperatures on rock materials determine the nature and quality of soils. More than 180 soil series have been recognized in South Carolina. Soil associations have been named after the most common soil series occurring in a landscape. The Soil Conservation Service of South Carolina has divided the state into six land resource areas according to soil associations and topographic settings. The soil areas and their size are: Blue Ridge Mountain region (380,00 acres); Piedmont (seven million acres); Sandhills (two million acres); Coastal Plain (three million acres); Atlantic Coast (six million acres). All of these Soil resource areas are heavily forested.