"S" is for Sothel, Seth (d. 1694)

Jun 27, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio

"S" is for Sothel, Seth (d. 1694). Governor. In 1677, the leader of the Lords Proprietors recruited Sothel to purchase the Clarendon proprietorship and to undertake the government of North Carolina. He ruled northern Carolina (or Albemarle, as it was called) with considerable skill. In 1689 a locally engineered coup forced Sothel into exile. In the meantime “mutinous people” in Charleston were threatening Governor James Colleton. When Sothel arrived unexpectedly in the city, he was threatened with arrest. However, he asserted his authority as a resident proprietor to assume the governorship—with the support of the assembly. In two years, in cooperation with the assembly, Sothel reaffirmed laws necessary to govern the colony, dealt with the Indian trade, and enfranchised recent French immigrants. In 1693, Seth Sothel with his reforms—thwarted by London—withdrew from the colony.