"S" is for St. Andrew’s Parish

Feb 4, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"S" is for St. Andrew’s Parish. On November 30, 1706, St. Andrew’s Day, the Commons House of Assembly passed an act establishing the Church of England in South Carolina. St. Andrew’s Parish was one of the ten parishes created by the act. The parish included the mainland region south and west of Charleston along the Ashley River and James Island. The parish church was completed in 1706 and still accommodated worshipers in the twenty-first century. In 1717 the parish was divided with the upper portion becoming St. George’s Dorchester Parish. The rice plantations along the Ashley River in St. Andrew’s Parish prospered throughout the colonial and antebellum eras despite rice production moving to lands better suited for rice cultivation. After the parish system was abolished in 1865, St. Andrew’s Parish was incorporated into Charleston District.