Santee Cooper's Future Continues to Be Debated

Feb 21, 2020

Executives of NextEra Energy appearing before S.C. Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 19, 2020
Credit Russ McKinney/SC Public Radio

Next year’s state spending plan is now advancing through the legislature.  This week House budget writers approved a $10 Billion budget package that includes major spending increases in education, roads, public safety, and corrections.

The budget that’s now on the way to the full House of Representatives incorporates almost all of Governor McMaster’s proposals including for the second year in a row significant teacher pay raises.

What to do about state-owned utility Santee Cooper continues to preoccupy the State Senate.  Work on the School Improvement Bill was put on the back burner this week as the Senate’s Finance Committee heard from outside experts and utility executives on proposals concerning Santee Cooper’s future.