SC Lede: Judges – No Rulings, Just Right!

Apr 30, 2019

Gavin Jackson and Joe Cranney (l) in the SCETV studios on Monday, April 29, 2019.
Credit A.T. Shire/SC Public Radio

On this episode of South Carolina Lede, host Gavin Jackson is joined by the Post and Courier's Joe Cranney to discuss his new in-depth report looking at the secretive world of judicial discipline in South Carolina. Over the past two decades more than 1,000 complaints have been lodged against circuit court judges, but none have been punished publicly.

You can read Joe Cranney's report, "The Untouchables," on the Post and Courier's website here.

Then, South Carolina Public Radio's own Russ McKinney stops by to quiz Gavin about South Carolina history in this week's Did You Know segment.

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