S.C. Public Radio Offers HD Programming in Charleston

Aug 30, 2017

Credit Clker-Free-Vector-Images (CC0 1.0) via Pixabay

South Carolina Public Radio has added an HD Radio™ broadcast signal in the Charleston area for those with HD radios.  The HD radio service transmits a digital signal with CD quality sound, free of hiss or static.  It will also display information, such as the name of the program.  It allows listeners to choose between our News & Music service (89.3 HD1 FM) or our News & Talk service (89.3 HD2 FM).  

Only HD radio receivers will see the -1 or -2 choices after our frequency.  Should someone with an HD radio in their car drive out of our digital range, the signal will automatically default to our analog signal.  HD radio is not satellite radio, but an improvement to traditional terrestrial radio.  The signal is clearer, not more powerful.  Sometimes, an antenna is required to receive an HD radio signal.