Sidney Foster: The Radio Story of the Little Known Artist and Master Teacher

Oct 18, 2016

Sidney Finkelstein (changed later to Foster) was born in Florence and lived on West Evans Street. He attended the famed Curtis Institute of Music and played at Carnegie Hall numerous times. 

Credit Courtesy of Justin Foster

He had the aplomb of Horowitz and the instincts of a composer. All of his recordings, the few that were made, exude meaning. But you might have not heard of this South Carolina native because he dedicated his life to his students. You will hear about Foster through the voices of students, Carlisle Floyd, Hans Boepple, Mary Samulski Parekh, and Imelda Delgado, and stories about the state’s piano teachers of piano teachers. 

looking dapper at the piano.
Credit Justin Foster

Student at Curtis
Credit Photo by Kubey Rembrandt Photos, Curtesy of Curtis Archives

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Special thanks to International Piano Archives.

Imelda Delgado's book An Intimate Portrait of Sidney Foster was used as source material.