South Carolinian from the 'Greatest Generation' Recalls World War II Exploits

Jan 2, 2017

A member of the Greatest Generation Columbia's Moffatt Burriss recalls his World War II experiences.
Credit Tut Underwood/SC Public Radio

  Moffatt Burris of Columbia is one of the heroes who helped save the world from tyranny during World War II. He fought to liberate Sicily and at Anzio to free Italy. But perhaps his most memorable exploits came as a paratrooper who participated in Operation Market Garden, a failed attempt to hasten the end of the war with a massive jump into Holland.

This battle was later documented in the book “A Bridge Too Far” and the motion picture of the same name. Burris, who recorded his wartime adventures in the book “Strike and Hold,” recently sat down to recall his experiences, and historian Jack Meyer adds comment on Operation Market Garden.