A Southern Staple, Cornbread Comes in Increasingly Varied Forms

Jun 20, 2016

South Carolinians celebrate elements of the state’s culture in festivals all over the state, and especially its foodstuffs, from peaches to peanuts.  So it’s natural that they would establish a festival to proclaim their love for another traditional culinary favorite – cornbread.  In today’s report, a visit to the South Carolina Cornbread Festival  reveals that there’s more to it than the traditional buttered variety found in many homes.  Festival organizer Sabrina Odom tells us that people make cornbread in a large variety of styles and flavors, from pineapple cornbread to sweet potato cornbread, even zucchini and carrot cornbread and more.   USC food expert Dr. David Shields talks about what makes the best cornbread and the debate over whether to sweeten it or not, and cornbread eating champion James Simmons raves about his love for the stuff, which he eats with syrup.