Supporting the 21 Billion Dollar Forestry Industry in S.C.

Mar 28, 2020

We’ve talked a good bit about how Clemson can help women get up to speed with timber property management but don’t think that’s in anyway all Clemson’s doing. If you search Clemson Extension Forestry and Wildlife Management Resources, you’ll see a variety of programs related to the forestry industry which has a 21 billion dollar impact on our state’s economy and provides close to 100,000 jobs. Topics range from controlling invasive insect and plant pests, using technology to aid in mapping and employing drones to survey and make management decisions, getting pesticide credits, and visiting farms to see how quickly employing the best management practices can improve your property. The programs are open to forestry consultants, owners, and interested citizens. We all should want to learn about this industry vitally important to the economic and ecological health of South Carolina.