Types of Peanuts

Nov 11, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

There are two main types of peanuts – bunch and runner. Runner peanuts have long underground stems with shells containing seeds growing the length of that runner, and these peanut plants cover the entire surface of the field. These are the ones I see growing in fields in Calhoun County.

Bunch peanuts have their nuts clustered at the end of their underground stems. From the standpoint of production, runner peanuts have higher yields and almost all peanut butter is made from those. Virginia peanuts are large seeded and selected for a distinctive flavor – they’re sometimes called ball park peanuts and often come at a premium price. In recent years some are sold as blister peanuts – they’re soaked in water and then fried in oil and once you taste them you’ll probably be hooked. Isn’t almost everything better when fried?