"Y" is for Sir John Yeamans (1611-1674)

Nov 3, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"Y" is for Sir John Yeamans (1611-1674). Governor.  A native of Bristol, England, Yeamans was a Royalist soldier during the English civil war. In 1650, he joined other Royalists in immigrating to Barbados where he became a large landowner, judge, and member of the council. In 1665, Yeamans was named governor of the unsuccessful Barbadian colony at Cape Fear. In 1671, the Proprietors named him a landgrave and he immigrated to Carolina. Upon his arrival he claimed the governorship over the objections of local officials. However, in 1672, the Proprietors did appoint him to the office. In the slightly more than two years Yeamans was governor, he sold food at inflated prices for his own benefit. At the time of his death, the Proprietors had issued an order removing Sir John Yeamans as governor.