"Z" is for Zubly, John Joachim (1724-1781)

Jul 30, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"Z" is for Zubly, John Joachim (1724-1781). Minister. A native of Switzerland, Zubly was ordained in London’s German Reformed Church in 1744. He was in South Carolina in the 1740s where he traveled among German communities in the lowcountry and among the German Lutheran community in Orangeburg. Known for his erudition, Zubly occasionally lectured at the Independent Meeting House in Charleston. In 1760, he moved to Savannah. He represented Georgia in the Continental Congress. Although he appreciated colonial opposition to British imperial policy, he opposed moves toward independence. He was branded a Loyalist, taken into custody by the Georgia Committee of Public Safety, and in late 1777 banished from Georgia, with much of his estate confiscated. John Joachim Zubly came to South Carolina, but returned to Savannah in 1779 with the reestablishment of royal government.