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Amanda McNulty of Clemson University’s Extension Service and host of ETV’s six-time Emmy Award-winning show, Making It Grow, offers gardening tips and techniques.

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow! When you look at the soil as a living organisms, not just as support for plant roots, you start to see how tilling actually destroys soil structure. Human populations have infrastructure – utility lines, roads, communication devices, and stores of nutrients.

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. You know how some advertisements are almost too good to be true? Well, it’s easy to feel that way about the benefits of cover cropping until you talk to farmers who are actually making the move to his new method farming which requires dramatically fewer inputs. Here is a listing of some of the benefits from planting crops and leaving the residue on the field.

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda mcNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow! Get that Palmetto Pigeon Plant red pigeon stew bubbling away so you’ll be ready at 7 for an hour of gardening advice with making It Grow. Our very own Extension pecan specialist, Mark Arena, comes with a horticultural buddy to answer your phone in questions about plants and grasses during this long transitional fall. Terasa Lott, Extension water quality expert, goes back to her days as a school teacher and makes Halloween crafts with our annual Halloween stars – the triplets!

No Till Farming

Oct 13, 2014

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow! Recently, over 100 people attended a field day at the farm of Jason Carter in Eastover. Jason is converting from strip-till to no-till. He is drastically reducing his use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer and yet his yields are envious. How’s he doing it – through cover crops! He is getting nitrogen from chicken litter applications and from the breakdown of legume cover crops – the ones that can fix nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship with soil organisms.

  The American Horticultural Society has created an invaluable too for gardeners with its Heat Zone Map. Amanda McNulty tells us more...

It may be hard to find them, but, now is the time to buy your Rabbit Eye Blueberry plants and get them in the ground.

Amanda McNulty gives tips on preparing the best bed for your Blueberry plants.

The genus Vaccinium gives us both Sparkleberries & Blueberries. Amanda McNulty tells us more...

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  They'll grow in almost any soil, they need little attention, and they are beautiful. Amanda McNulty tells us more...

James Bland Quantz's breakthrough Pecan cracker and sheller has been a huge boost for Pecan processors. 

Harvesting pecans can be tedious. A mechanical tree shaker streamlines the process.

Southern Pecan harvests are plentiful--but the crop is always under attack.

Pecans in China

Sep 17, 2014

China is now importing record amounts of Pecans.

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  Amanda McNulty tells us about "Scab" - the major disease of Southern Pecans.

Fewer Mushrooms

Sep 10, 2014

Want fewer mushrooms on your lawn? Keep it watered during dry spells. Amanda McNulty explains.

Making It Grow! host, Amandy McNulty, advises against dumping you grass clippings!

The herbarium of Naturalist Henry William Ravenel (1814-1887) will soon be accessible to the public on line. Click here for more.

The life of Henry William Ravenel

Amanda McNulty explains how to get rid of fairy rings in your grass.

Amanda McNulty explains what fairy rings are and they are not from a fantasy book.  

Amanda McNulty talks about how the 4H Club got started.

Making It Grow! host Amanda McNulty talks about the 100 years anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 and one of the creators of the federal legislation, Frank Lever.


Amanda McNulty talks about heavy rain and how phosphorus pollution is started.

Today is the day to stop fertilizing.

Grass leaves don’t cause a thatch build up