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Amanda McNulty of Clemson University’s Extension Service and host of ETV’s six-time Emmy Award-winning show, Making It Grow, offers gardening tips and techniques.

Pecans in China

Sep 17, 2014

China is now importing record amounts of Pecans.

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  Amanda McNulty tells us about "Scab" - the major disease of Southern Pecans.

Fewer Mushrooms

Sep 10, 2014

Want fewer mushrooms on your lawn? Keep it watered during dry spells. Amanda McNulty explains.

Making It Grow! host, Amandy McNulty, advises against dumping you grass clippings!

The herbarium of Naturalist Henry William Ravenel (1814-1887) will soon be accessible to the public on line. Click here for more.

The life of Henry William Ravenel

Amanda McNulty explains how to get rid of fairy rings in your grass.

Amanda McNulty explains what fairy rings are and they are not from a fantasy book.  

Amanda McNulty talks about how the 4H Club got started.

Making It Grow! host Amanda McNulty talks about the 100 years anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 and one of the creators of the federal legislation, Frank Lever.


Amanda McNulty talks about heavy rain and how phosphorus pollution is started.

Today is the day to stop fertilizing.

Grass leaves don’t cause a thatch build up