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What you need to know about the Zika virus

Mar 4, 2016
Karen Weintraub

Editor’s note: We asked science journalist Karen Weintraub, who has written extensively about the Zika virus, some questions we’ve been hearing from readers.

Q: I’ve got tickets to travel to South America or the Caribbean, but I’m worried about Zika. Should I go? Is it safe to bring my kids?

Slain Honduran activist came from family of fighters

Mar 4, 2016
Jose Cabezas/Reuters

She loved the Gualcarque River and led a movement that stalled a hydroelectric dam on it in Honduras.

On Thursday, Berta Cáceres, a 44-year-old mother of four and one of the Central American nation’s most prominent environmental defenders, was murdered in her home in western Honduras. The slaying followed years of death threats in the human rights group Global Witness calls the most dangerous nation in the world for environmental activists. 

What life is like in Aleppo after the 'ceasefire'

Mar 4, 2016

Six days into a fragile cease fire in Syria, daily life is slowly returning. But although Russian airstrikes have stopped pounding the country, leaving room for some respite, many Syrians are worried about what comes next.

In rebel-held Aleppo, a 25-year-old woman named Zein describes the hopes and fears of the people around her. Zein is an activist and a humanitarian aid worker, and she was part of a story that aired in January about women in Syria.

In January, 8-year-old Estie Kung went to four countries in two weeks to promote "Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown." The show pits a cast of five child cooks against adult executive-level chefs in a culinary battle.

It premiered in the US on the FYI Network last summer, but when Lifetime Asia began to air the show this year, they sent the biracial Kung (her mother is white, her father is Chinese American) on a press tour to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Courtesy of Penguin Books USA

Just looking at the cover of Ayesha Tariq’s graphic novel is quite revealing.

On it is a glass bottle with a rubber stop and in it is the book’s congested title “Sarah: The Suppressed Anger of the Pakistani Obedient Daughter.” It’s a visual motif Tariq uses throughout the book: jars of unspoken frustrations.

The jars belong to the book's semi-autobiographical lead character, 17-year-old Sarah, from a conservative urban Pakistani family.

One evening last March, infectious disease specialist Dr. Carlos Brito picked up his phone and sent a message to a group of his colleagues. He’d been seeing patients with a rash, swollen joints and a slight fever — symptoms that were similar to the dengue outbreak he had recently been treating, but different enough that further investigation might be merited, he wrote.

Anne Bailey

Across Women's Lives photographer Anne Bailey spent time last week at the Fundação Altino Ventura rehabilitation clinic in Recife, Brazil, where she took portraits of the parents of babies with microcephaly while their children waited to be seen by a physical therapist.

You can see additional portraits of the strong women and men from this series on the Across Women's Lives Instagram @womenslives and the Instagram feed of our partners at @frontlinepbs.

Image courtsey of David Wright. 

David Wright has made a name for himself by protesting outside of mosques in the Dallas area while carrying a 12-gauge shotgun.

He is opposed to the US accepting any refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. The group he heads, the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, started armed protests targeting Muslim organizations last October, and has since been labeled an anti-Muslim hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Mitt Romney and other leading Republicans attacked the party’s presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, on Thursday.

They depicted him as a fake, a con-man, and even a threat to American democracy, and to America’s national security. Romney, the party's last presidential nominee, made clear he thought Trump was already damaging the image overseas not only of the United States but also the Republican Party.

Trump wasted no time responding.  He labelled Romney "irrelevant." “Mitt is a failed candidate,” said Trump. “He failed. He failed horribly.”

Yasmin Mulbocus clutches her hijab as she sees images on TV of young women returning home from Syria.

She hears them talk about how they escaped from the clutches of ISIS. Mulbocus sees herself in them – her former self.

This 40-year-old mother of three with piercing black eyes, who speaks at what seems like a thousand words a minute, who elicits warm smiles from her West London neighbors with her vivaciousness and warm banter, actually used to be a recruiter for an extremist organization.

Today, she does the opposite.