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State Emergency Management Elevates State Operating Condition Level

Estimated rainfall from Tropical Storm Hermine  (from The National Weather Service).Estimated rainfall from Tropical Storm Hermine (from The National Weather Service).

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  Due to the potential for windy conditions and heavy rain along the South Carolina coast, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division today increased its operating condition to Level 4. The Division is encouraging people in South Carolina to monitor the situation, make plans and take precautions.

The operating condition was increased to Level 4 in response to Tropical Storm Hermine’s approach. Operational Condition Level 4 is the second lowest of five levels, and denotes an elevated level of awareness, which includes reviewing plans and procedures. The State Emergency Operations Center will be staffed by select state agency personnel beginning tomorrow morning to be in position to assist local authorities with state assets should the need arise.

“We are leaning forward and following this storm, and we encourage people in South Carolina to do the same,” said Kim Stenson, director of SCEMD. “Personal preparedness, personal plans, and awareness are very important in a situation such as this.”

National Weather Service reports indicate that Tropical Storm Hermine could affect South Carolina. The Division is asking residents also to monitor the storm and to plan ahead, prepare early, and never underestimate the dangers of flood waters.

Never drive or walk through flood waters. Remember that flooding can disrupt electricity and the drinking water supply. Flood waters can also carry hazardous materials that can endanger health, either upon contact with the water itself or with the soggy debris left after the flood.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division will continue to monitor the storm 24-hours-a-day.

Residents are encouraged to monitor local media for further developments with the storm.,/p>