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The latest South Carolina Public Radio News reports on the spread of the coronavirus and efforts to fight it.

SC General Assembly Approves Budget Resolution, Adds New Funding to Combat COVID-19

File photo of the S.C. House chamber
Russ McKinney/SC Public Radio

The SC House and Senate were finally able to agree on a resolution this week that will keep state government operating beyond the end of this fiscal year on June 30th.  Lawmakers interrupted this year’s legislative session back in March because of the coronavirus outbreak before they approved a new budget for the next fiscal year. Now, the state will continue its’ current spending plan at least until September when it’s anticipated a new budget will be enacted.

Lawmakers added millions of dollars to the current budget to help the state combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  $115 Million to a COVID reserve fund,  and $25 Million for the new ramped-up testing plan.  The resolution also provides $15 Million to ensure voters going to the polls in this year’s elections will be able to safely cast their ballots.

Lawmakers hope that by September when they consider a new budget they’ll know how the state’s economy has fared through six months of pandemic.