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A Minute with Miles
A Minute with Miles
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How did the piano get its name? Why can’t you “reach” a crescendo? Who invented opera—and why—and how do you pronounce “Handel”? These and countless other classical music questions are answered on South Carolina Public Radio’s A Minute with Miles. Hosted by longtime NPR commentator Miles Hoffman, the segments inform and entertain as they provide illuminating 60-second flights through the world of classical music. 

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  • I always enjoy telling the story of how the piano got its name. Piano means “soft,” in Italian, and it seems a little strange that an instrument that can…
  • A Minute with Miles
    Page Turners - Part 2
    Turning pages for pianists is a pretty thankless job—the page turner is usually only noticed when he or she messes up. But for pianists who depend on page…
  • Have you ever wondered why pianists need page turners? They’re not, after all, the only ones who use both hands to play their instruments. The answer is…
  • It was George Bernard Shaw who famously wrote, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” What Shaw forgot is that teaching is doing. And if you’re…
  • The truth is, there’s no single right way to listen to music.
  • Did it ever occur to Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven that their music would be played… forever?
  • One of the wonderful aspects of life as a musician: age differences don’t mean anything.
  • Singers often have to learn a whole new set of IPA symbols when they’re learning a piece in a new language.
  • Like it or not, performers can’t help evaluating performance, especially in the cases of pieces we know or instruments we play.
  • It’s often easier to say what classical music is not, than to say what it is.