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"B" is for Billings, John Shaw (1898-1975)

“B” is for Billings, John Shaw (1898-1975). Although born at Redcliffe Plantation in Aiken County, Billings resided much of his life in New York City. In January 1917 he left Harvard to fight in World War I. After the war he became a political reporter for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. He shortly became head of the paper’s Washington bureau. In 1928 he became the Washington correspondent for Time magazine and a year later was in New York as the magazine’s national affairs editor. During the next quarter-century he rose steadily within the Time Inc. editorial hierarchy—serving as managing editor of Time and later Life magazines. When he retired in 1954, Billings was the editorial director of all Time Inc. publications. John Shaw Billings spent the remainder of his life at Redcliffe in Aiken County.

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