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Killing Stink Bugs

A Brown marmorated stink bug female from a laboratory colony on a common bean leaf, photographed in the laboratory of Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy.
Yerpo via Wikimedia Commons

  Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. Tony Melton says the best way to kill stink bugs is with two bricks. And truly, there are no pesticides for homeowners that do a good job controlling these piercing and sucking insects. They have a distinctive shield shape and come in a variety of colors. When your okra pods curl and when your tomatoes have hard white spots under the skin, those defects are the results of stink bug feeding. Scouting the garden frequently in the cooler mornings lets you spot these insects before they warm up and are highly mobile. The nymphs or immatures tend to cluster which makes them easy prey. I often clap my hands together hard and grind them slightly around the part of the plant where the insects are feeding. Wearing gloves makes it easier as their chitin shells are sharp.

Amanda McNulty is a Clemson University Extension Horticulture agent and the host of South Carolina ETV’s Making It Grow! gardening program. She studied horticulture at Clemson University as a non-traditional student. “I’m so fortunate that my early attempts at getting a degree got side tracked as I’m a lot better at getting dirty in the garden than practicing diplomacy!” McNulty also studied at South Carolina State University and earned a graduate degree in teaching there.