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Cleaning Up After the Rains and Flood

Making It Grow Minute

Many of us have yards that were covered with standing water after the torrential rainfall recently. How do you start cleaning up? First is to wait until the ground is relatively dry-especially in your garden. Tromping around over the lawn or garden compacts the soil making it harder for air, water, and roots to penetrate it. Once the ground is somewhat dry, start by getting debris you can pick up moved off to the designated collection spots your city or county offers. If the roots of plants have been exposed, cover them up with soil and lightly water it in place to remove air pockets. And then add fresh mulch. Using a hard rake, evenly spread out mounds of soils that washed into piles. Prune broken or damaged stems or branches.

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Amanda McNulty is a Clemson University Extension Horticulture agent and the host of South Carolina ETV’s Making It Grow! gardening program. She studied horticulture at Clemson University as a non-traditional student. “I’m so fortunate that my early attempts at getting a degree got side tracked as I’m a lot better at getting dirty in the garden than practicing diplomacy!” McNulty also studied at South Carolina State University and earned a graduate degree in teaching there.