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Don't Waste Money - or Nitrogen

Making It Grow Minute
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When I’ve been to fancy grocery stores in pandemic days, I’m more prone to impulse buying -- why five bags of almond flour and peculiar jars of condiments? The garden centers at big box stores are masters at product placement – with totally inappropriate displays of weed and feed by their check out points right now. Pre-emergent fertilizers for warm season turf needed to be applied in February – it used to be March -- but climate change has required a readjustment, and warm season turf grass should never never never be fertilized until it warms up – sometime in May depending on where in the state you live. If your turf is stimulated to come out of dormancy early, a late freeze can severely damage it, and inactive turfgrass can’t absorb nutrients so you are just paying for that water-soluble nitrogen to leach away. 

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