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Distinguishing a Pest-Controller from a Pest Among Ladybugs

Making It Grow Radio Minute
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Hello, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. Ladybug larvae, both native and imported, are described as looking like alligators, and they’re the real deal pest controllers --eating five or six times more than adults. Learn how to recognize them: the non-native Asian ladybug beetle, which has a huge appetite, is a pest, as it finds ways to get in your house when cold weather comes. They can bite if disturbed, but their most aggravating trait is that they are reflex bleeders – if you bother them, they release a nasty-smelling yellow liquid that stains fabric. There are all sorts of suggestions on how to spend a year and a half caulking and sealing every possible entry point, or, you can use a handheld vacuum or, if on the ceiling, use a vacuum with a long hose and gather them up.

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Amanda McNulty is a Clemson University Extension Horticulture agent and the host of South Carolina ETV’s Making It Grow! gardening program. She studied horticulture at Clemson University as a non-traditional student. “I’m so fortunate that my early attempts at getting a degree got side tracked as I’m a lot better at getting dirty in the garden than practicing diplomacy!” McNulty also studied at South Carolina State University and earned a graduate degree in teaching there.