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Not Much Demand for Middle-Aged Unemployed Professionals

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By now most people are aware of the tight labor market resulting from the strong economy and its high demand for workers.  However, it appears that many middle-aged unemployed professionals are not benefitting from this situation.  What’s going on?

Mike Switzer interviews Frank Hefner, Director Office of Economic Analysis and Professor of Economics at the College of CharlestonRecent Forbes article on this topic.

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After almost 20 years, Mike Switzer retired from Wells Fargo Securities in 2001 as Senior Vice President/Investment Officer and Certified Portfolio Manager. In 1999, he and his wife, Maggie, purchased and operated for eight years the Baskin Robbins ice cream store on Forest Drive in Columbia. They grew the store from a bottom-tier operation in the Baskin Robbins franchise system to one in the top 5% nationwide within three years, tripling sales along the way. While operating the ice cream store, Mike and Maggie received patents for a portable ice cream sink and fold-down sneezeguard they invented and in 2002 started Magnolia Carts, an ice cream cart manufacturing company, which they sold in 2013.