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“M” is for Mignot, Louis Rèmy

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  “M” is for Mignot, Louis Rèmy [1831-1870]. Painter. A native of Charleston, Mignot studied at the Academy of Fine Art at the Hague for five years. He returned to the U.S. and became actively involved in the New York Art world. He specialized in landscape painting in the manner of the Hudson River School. His landscapes were exhibited at the prestigious Century Association and the National Academy of Design, where he was elected an associate academician in 1858. Among his associates was Frederic Edwin Church, the leading exponent of the second generation of Hudson River School painters. In 1857, the two traveled to Central and South America where the sketches Mignot made later became some of his most acclaimed canvases. According to art historians, Louis Rèmy Mignot “was arguably the most accomplished southern-born painter of his generation.”

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