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"P" is for Pickens, Andrew

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  "P" is for Pickens, Andrew [1739-1817]. Soldier. Legislator. Congressman. Born in Pennsylvania, Pickens moved to the Waxhaws area of South Carolina with his family in the 1750s, but after serving in the Cherokee War settled in the Long Canes area of western South Carolina. During the Revolution, Pickens became one of the most significant leaders of patriot forces in the South Carolina backcountry. He commanded the patriot forces that crushed loyalists at Kettle Creek and also commanded the militia during the decisive victory at Cowpens. After Cowpens, he was promoted to brigadier general. He represented 96 District in the SC House and Pendleton District in the State Senate. In 1793 he was elected to the US House of Representatives where he served one term. Andrew Pickens was a recognized expert on Indian affairs and served as a federal commissioner to negotiate peace treaties with the tribes of the southeastern United States.