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"P" is for the Pee Dee River

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"P" is for the Pee Dee River. The Pee Dee River is a river system that drains northeastern South Carolina and central North Carolina. It is properly called the Great Pee Dee—or more commonly the Big Pee Dee—to distinguish it from one of its tributaries…the Little Pee Dee River. The Pee Dee rises in the mountains of North Carolina where it is known as the Yadkin River, and travels 197 miles in South Carolina to meet the Atlantic Ocean in Winyah Bay. Along the way, the river received the outflow of several smaller streams, including the Black, Little Pee Dee, Lynches, and Waccamaw Rivers—and discharges about 15,000 cubic feet of water per second into Winyah Bay. The Pee Dee River was named for a Native American people of the same name who inhabited the region.

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