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"C" is for Coming, Afra Harleston (ca. 1651-1698)

South Carolina From A to Z
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"C" is for Coming, Afra Harleston (ca. 1651-1698). Pioneer of early South Carolina. The Harleton family’s property was so ravaged by the English Civil War that two children—Charles and Afra, left for South Carolina in 1669. Afra came on the Carolina (the first ship) as an indentured servant with a two-year obligation to her sponsor—after which she would receive one hundred acres of land. In 1672 she married John Coming. Together they founded a substantial plantation, Comingtee, on the Cooper River; acquired their own servants; and ceded part of their land claim to Oyster Point for the construction of Charleston. After her husband’s death, Afra built a house in Charleston at the intersection of Wentworth and Philips Street. Afra Harleston Coming died in 1698 and is believed to be buried at Comingtee.

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