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""R" is for Ravenel, Harriott Horry Rutledge [1832-1912]

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"R" is for Ravenel, Harriott Horry Rutledge [1832-1912]. Novelist. Biographer. Historian. A Charleston native, Harriott Horry Rutledge attended Madame Talvande's female academy. She married St. Julien Ravenel and had nine children. Though she wrote poetry, essays, and stories on a variety of subjects, her major works focused on Southern history and manners. Her most successful novel was Ashurst: or "The Days That Are Not," which fondly depicted antebellum lifestyles and landscapes. Ravenel's other significant works were born of her interest in preserving state and family history.  Among these were biographies:  Eliza Pinckney and Life and Times of William Lowndes of South Carolina, 1782-1822. Her best-known publication was Charleston: The Place and the People. Characterized as "a great lady of the Old South," Harriott Horry Rutledge Ravenel died in Charleston and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

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