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"G" is for Gadsden, Christopher (1724-1805)

South Carolina From A to Z
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"G" is for Gadsden, Christopher (1724-1805). Patriot, merchant. Born in Charleston, Gadsden was educated in England. In the 1740s he launched one of the most successful mercantile careers in the colony. Possessing financial independence and a civic spirit, he pursued public office. In 1757 he began his nearly thirty years’ service in the Commons House of Assembly. He became an outspoken defender of colonial rights and—after a public dispute with the royal governor in 1762—was transformed into a zealous American patriot. He represented South Carolina in the Stamp Act Congress and the First Continental Congress. Returning to South Carolina in 1776, he was a member of the Provincial Congress and coauthored the South Carolina Constitution of 1776. When Charleston fell to the British in 1780, Christopher Gadsden was imprisoned in St. Augustine.

Dr. Walter Edgar has two programs on South Carolina Public Radio: Walter Edgar's Journal, and South Carolina from A to Z. Dr. Edgar received his B.A. degree from Davidson College in 1965 and his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina in 1969. After two years in the army (including a tour of duty in Vietnam), he returned to USC as a post-doctoral fellow of the National Archives, assigned to the Papers of Henry Laurens.