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“N” is for Noble, Patrick (ca. 1787-1840)

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“N” is for Noble, Patrick (ca. 1787-1840). Governor. A native of Abbeville District, Noble was educated at Dr. Moses Waddel’s academy and Princeton. He studied law in Charleston and with John C. Calhoun’s law office. He practiced briefly with Calhoun before establishing his own lucrative practice. In 1814, the voters of Abbeville District elected him to the first of five terms in the S.C. House where he was Speaker (1818-1823). After a brief hiatus, in 1830 he was elected lieutenant-governor. In 1832 he returned to the House and was again elected Speaker. Elected to the S.C. Senate in 1836, he reigned when elected governor in 1838. As ardent proponent of states’ rights, Patrick Noble advocated public resistance to the expansion of federal power, which he deemed “highly dangerous, and subversive of our excellent frame of Government.”

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