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“T” is for Timmerman, George Bell, Jr. (1912-1994)

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“T” is for Timmerman, George Bell, Jr. (1912-1994). Governor. Born in Anderson, but reared in Batesburg, Timmerman practiced law in Lexington and became involved in politics. He was elected lieutenant governor in 1946 and was reelected in 1950. In 1954 Timmerman planned to do what no previous lieutenant governor had ever accomplished: advance to the governor’s office by the election route. Seven earlier aspirants had failed to win the governorship in this manner. Timmerman, who had served as lieutenant governor longer than anyone else in the state’s history, triumphed in a landslide, carrying forty-one of the state’s forty-six counties. After his term as governor ended, he returned to private life and resumed his law practice. In 1967, the legislature elected George Bell Timmerman, Jr., judge of the Eleventh Circuit Court, where he served until 1984.

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